Congratulations on the birth of your baby!  I’m happy and excited to be working with you to capture this special time in your life.  Here are some frequently asked questions about newborn photography that will help you get ready for our session.

How long will our session be?

Newborn sessions take around 2 hours and we will work around the baby’s schedule.  Most newborn images look best when baby is fast asleep.  Feed your baby before you leave home, and keep baby awake and alert for at least one hour before our session.  This will help your baby to fall asleep when the session starts and better our chances of getting the sleepy poses.

Brooklyn newborn photographyIf we can’t get baby to sleep, don’t stress!  We’ll start the session by taking up close photos of your baby swaddled with their eyes wide open.  This might also be a good time to get a family picture with Mom and Dad snuggling baby.  Once baby falls into a deep sleep, we can remove the swaddle and pose baby without clothes. Don’t worry if baby fusses.  We don’t have to rush!  We can cuddle, feed and soothe your baby until he/she is ready to be photographed.

What should I bring to the session?

Extra bottles, formula pacifiers  Change of clothing for parents (just in case you get peed on or pooped on 🙂, Wipes, blankets, baby wraps/swaddle cloths, cute hats, socks, stuffed animals, family heirlooms or meaningful items.    Newborns are used to background noise from being in the womb.   Feel free to bring your noise machine, or use an app on your smartphone to soothe your baby.  I have a variety of blankets to use as a backdrop to photograph your baby.  For family photographs I recommend bringing your child’s favorite toy, scooter, tricycle or wagon.  A blanket to sit on is useful as well.

What should we wear? 

Keep baby’s clothing simple and loose.  Nothing over the head to avoid waking the baby.  Most of the photos will be taken without clothes, but if you want baby photographed in a special outfit – that is fine too!Solid colors work best (please avoid white!).   For family portraits you can be matchy matchy if you like or wear complimentary colors.   Pick one color (for example blue) and ask each family member to wear either a blue shirt or blue pants or a blue accessory (hat or scarf).   Avoid bold patterns or logos that will ‘date’ your photo.  Classic clothes work best for photos.

Where can we take photos?  New York City is our playground!  There are so many beautiful parks, or edgy urban settings that we can use.  Alternatively, my home or yours would work as well.

When will our photos be ready?  Your proofs are usually ready within 7 days.  Retouched photos in 14 days.